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: 07/05/2008

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To Be Or Not To BeMotivated - Ph.D
A Comparison Of Students' Goal Orientation Within Direct Instruction And Constructivist Schools
By Galliger, Courtney Carroll
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Bowling Green State University,

Psychology/Developmental, 2009.
Pages: 74p.
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The goal of this study was to compare students' achievement goal orientation within schools that take a more direct instruction approach to education (e.g., schools that are not affiliated with any educational organization) and schools that take a more constructivist approach to education (e.g., Montessori schools). Participants included 209elementary school students.

The results revealed that although Non-affiliated students were more performance oriented than Montessori students, Non-affiliated students and Montessori students had an equal level of mastery orientation. Additionally, the results indicated that both Montessori and Non-affiliated student were more mastery oriented than performance oriented. Lastly, it was found that students' mastery orientation was related to adaptive outcomes.

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To Be Or Not To BeMotivated - Ph.D
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